27 October 2009

Distro arrival: PUNISHMENT 18

CD LUNARSEA "Route Code Selector"
- death metal Swedish way, second album | Italy

CD CORAM LETHE "A Splendid Chaos"
- superb melodic death metal | Italy

CD EXENCE "Hystrionic"
- debut album of death metal band | Italy

- devastating death thrash metal | Italy

CD KADAVAR "Kadavar"
- debut album of death metal band | Italy

CD URTO "Upside down"
- thrash metal | Italy

CD EDEMA "Default"
- talented psycho jazz death-core metal band | Italy

CD ALKOHOLIZER "Drunk or Dead"
- very good speed/thrash metal | Italy

- masters of Italian death/grind | Italy

Distro arrival: ON PAROLE

CD ERUPTION “Lifeless Paradise” 2009
- thrash metal to the bone | Slovenia

CD VULVATHRONE “Passion of Perversity” 2009
- second perversion by the always horny porn grinders | Slovenia

CD INFIDIA “Reflections” 2009
- female fronted melodic metal with symphonic touches | Slovenia

23 October 2009

Distro arrival: PROPAGANDA 666

More Satanic black metal from this mighty Ukrainian label:

CD ASKE "Saatan Legio/Goatfuck" 2009
- Satanic black metal, 2 old demos | Finland

MCD GROMM "Pilgrimage amidst the Catacombs of Negativism" 2009
- new material, evil heavy misanthropic black metal | Ukraine

CD LUCIFUGUM "Acme Adeptum" 2008, beautiful digi packaging
- unique and poisonous Satanic black metal | Ukraine

CD LUCIFUGUM "Sectane Satani" 2007
- fast Satanic black metal | Ukraine

Distro arrival: FEEBLE MINDED "Pernicious Intergrowth"

The long awaited album by the Czech top class death grind band FEEBLE MINDED has a title "Pernicious Intergrowth" and has just been released on CD by Grodhaisn Productions.

Details along with playable songs can be found here:

Of course, we have a few copies avilable as well.

ABSURD CONFLICT videos from the 2000-2005 period on Youtube

A selection from the private collection of videotapes has been recently put online on Youtube to remind of the years passed. The following now can be watched:

A show at rainy Silesia Open Air festival in 2002, without bass player Milan, who had fallen ill shortly before the date (Vlastík Ščudla - vocals, Patrik Ščudla - guitar, Jan Pulec - guitar, Jiří Staněk - drums):

ABSURD CONFLICT "Hope and Despair" - Silesia Open Air 2000

One of the last shows in the original line-up (Vlastík Ščudla - vocals, Patrik Ščudla - guitar, Jan Pulec - guitar, Milan Prudký - bass, Jiří Staněk - drums):

ABSURD CONFLICT "Sentenced to Life", Brno 2.3.2002

Footage shot during the 2003 tour with NEGLECTED FIELDS (Martin Brňovják - vocals, František Komínek - guitar, Jan Pulec - guitar, Milan Prudký - bass, Jiří Staněk - drums):

ABSURD CONFLICT "Point of Crisis", Třinec 13.4.2003

The same line-up performing at Brutal Assault festival 2003:

ABSURD CONFLICT "Across the Wasteland" - Brutal Assault 2003

ABSURD CONFLICT "Heroism" - Brutal Assault 2003

The first concert with Martin Král on guitar (Martin Brňovják - vocals, Martin Král - guitar, Jan Pulec - guitar, Milan Prudký - bass, Jiří Staněk - drums):

ABSURD CONFLICT "A Tragedy Concept", Brno 30.10.2003

ABSURD CONFLICT "Daddy's Love", Brno 30.10.2003

And a year later at a local party:

ABSURD CONFLICT "Till the End", Rozseč nad Kunštátem 6.11.2004

Finally, an excerpt (unfortunately the sound quality is very low) from the show with DESASTER, DELIRIUM and THE STONE in Beograd, Serbia, in 2005:

ABSURD CONFLICT - "Heroism", Beograd 26.3.2005

20 October 2009

Distro arrival: NECROMANCER RECORDS (Vinyl!)

Necromancer Records from Germany is a vinyl only label with a great taste in bad ass black and thrash metal. We got some beautiful seven inches:

PIC 7”EP TORMENTRESS “Thrashing Disorder”
- an all female thrash metal band | Singapore

7”EP SATANIC PROPHETS “Nihilistica Milica Demoniaca”

- raw brutal black metal | Brazil

7”EP ENSHADOWED / VULTURINE “The Epitome of Neverending Evil”

- satanic black metal split | Brazil + Greece

7”EP DEFUNTOS “Os Suplicios de uma Triste Lembranca”

- funeral black metal | Portugal


As you can figure out from the record label's name, this is a load of thrash metal aggression from Greece:

CD CRUCIFIER "Cursed Cross"
- thrash metal the classic way by the top class band | Greece

CD FAITHREAT "Back to the Pit"
- crossover thrash metal | Greece

MCD RELEASED ANGER "Violent Instincts"
- Euro thrash meets Bay Area way | Greece

and a piece of vinyl as well:

7”EP BY WAR / CRUCIFIER "Two Shots of Thrash Metal"
- thrash metal, what else | Brazil + Greece

27 September 2009

INFEST "Onward to Destroy" out now!

Finally, the masterpiece of deathrash metal is out of the pressing plant!

Serbian INFEST offer death thrash metal, fast and straightforward, the way it should be, with solid production and unadulterated hatred. Expect half an hour of sonic destruction!

And while at it, get in touch for trades or buy a copy, else you can well die unsatisfied!

Distro arrival: GROM RECORDS

Once again, a restock of the genuine evil from our Serbian ally Grom Records, pure black metal all the way!

MCD | REX SATANACHIA "First Legion of Hell"
- satanic black metal, fast and evil | Denmark

CD | BEASTCRAFT "Dawn of the Serpent"
- pure black metal | Norway

CD | INFERNO "Live Plague"
- intolerant black metal, live in Beograd | Czech Republic

24 September 2009

Distro arrival: CIRCLE OF PAIN

- black/thrash metal split | Poland

CD | EMPHERIS "Regain Heaven"
- black/thrash metal | Poland

CD | DENEB "Exoriare Aliquis Nostris Ex Ossibus Ultor"
- black/death metal | Poland

22 September 2009

ABSURD CONFLICT - Complete Material Online

The complete discography of Czech top class melodic technical metal ABSURD CONFLICT is now available for listening online via a new dedicated profile on bandzone.cz/absurdconflict19982008.
Featured songs include complete tracklist from the "Hopeless Despair" MC, "I'm Your History" split CD, and "Point of Crisis / Live Crisis" vinyl LP.
(The profile is in Czech, the navigation is intuitive and easy, though.)

21 September 2009


CD | ODAR "Zavjet dalekom snu"
- old school black metal | Bosnia & Herzegovina

Our Slovak friends SONIC TEMPLE RECORDS released a CD version of the full length material by ODAR, originally in tape version on Walk Records. ODAR offer black metal for those who miss the genuine essence of old SATYRICON, IMMORTAL or BURZUM album. The band's line-up features Kurvar, drummer with KRV.

Check here: myspace.com/odarband

06 September 2009

Finally some more live shows ...

THE STONE + V.A.R. + EDAIN | 26.9.2009 Brno - RC Melodka

THE STONE, Elitist Serbian black metal band visits the Czech Republic for one more time, to share stage with legendary thrash'n'rollers from V.A.R. who celebrate their 20-th birthday! Warm-up will be provided by local psycho-progressive avantgarde EDAIN.

The whole show will be taken down as live recording, and there will be some cameras there as well. Be there!


The Battle of Šalingrad vol. 4 | 1.10.2009 Brno - RC Brooklyn


Belorussian death squad for the first time in Brno, accompanied by top class progressive Czech band MINDWORK, techno-machinery show by DUOBETIC HOMUNKULUS and fierce melodic metal by MANDORIA.

Distro arrival: MUSICA PRODUCTION | Russia

CD | ARCANE GRAIL "Arya Marga"
- unique operatic sympho-melodic death-black-metal-metal | Russia

CD | TROYA "World In Flames"
- catchy and melodic heavy-power-metal | Russia

- black-metal split | Russia

CD | RELICTS "12 on a Richter Scale"
- first metal band from Turkmenistan, techno-death-metal with oriental touches

- top class sympho-black-metal | Russia

- bombastic black-death-metal with technical edge | Russia

CD | KREST "Apocollapsys"
- thrash-metal with techno-elements | Russia

CD | ARVEST "Tears of Flaming Autumn"
- death-doom-metal in a vein of old PARADISE LOST, KATATONIA and DARKSEED | Russia

CD | HOSTILE CALM "Hostile Calm"
- death-doom-metal with black, folk and gothic influences | Russia

CD | RAXA "Rabinal Achi"
- ethno-death-doom-metal, lyrics in Maya language | Russia

CD | NYCTICORAX "Black Raven... Dark Night"
- Pagan-black-metal | Latvia

- power-metal with pagan influences in Russian | Russia

CD | LETHARGIA "The Kingdom Of Unrealizable Hopes"
- debut album from classic doom-metal band from Voronezh | Russia

CD | DRAMA "Winds Choir Opera"
- fierce black metal classic vein | Russia

15 August 2009



20.8. Wroclav [PL] - Lulu Belle
21.8. Chelm [PL] - Camerata
22.-23.8. Metal Crowd 2009 - Rechitsa [BY]
24.8. Olsztyn [PL] - Molotov Cafe
25.8. Bialystok [PL] - Trzy Korony
26.8. Rzeszów [PL] - 1/4 Mili
28.8. Strážske [SK] - Park Pub
29.8. Košice [SK] - U legionárov

27 July 2009

Distro arrival: POEM PRODUCTIONS and a few other fine contributions from Turkey

CD | ZiFiR - You Must Come with Us

- raw dark black metal | Turkey

CD | LEVIATHAN – Cold Caress
- atmospheric black doom with typical Turkish elements | Turkey

CD | AFFLICTION – Execution Is Necessary
- dark melodic death metal, 2nd album | Turkey

CD | BLACK OMEN – Sinphony
- dark black metal | Turkey

CD | HECATOMB – Impaled Apocalypse
- aggressive brutal death metal | Turkey

- melodic gothic metal | Turkey

CD | AFFLICTION – One Reality
- dark death metal | Turkey

- new album of top class black metal | Turkey

CD | OBSCURE – Shedded Blood
- black metal | Turkey

24 June 2009

EDAIN "Through Thought and Time" OUT NOW!

The awaited debut CD of EDAIN "Through Thought and Time" was officially released yesterday, 23.6.2009.

Ex-ABSURD CONFLICT threesome teamed up with more young blood to deliver a 35 minute digest of impressive expressive progressive death metal based on excellent playing skills and creative impetus mixing fury with melancholy in their music and politics with erotics in their lyrics.

We have a few copies, and a few is not many this time. Act fast, or miss it.

Trades are, of course, welcome as usual.

EDAIN myspace profile: myspace.com/throughthoughtandtime

Please do mind, this is not a Zero Budget Productions release. In the Czech Republic, the CD is officially distributed as an integral part of the 29. issue of Pařát magazine, the best and only extreme metal mag in the country. We have standalone copies for you as well, of course.

Distro arrival: AMERICAN LINE

CD | NECROTIC "Among the Nauseating Depravity"
– brutal death metal | Mexico

CD | MICTLAN "Donde Habitan los Muertos"
– Aztec death metal pioneers, old material remastered + audio/video bonus | Mexico

CD | PIRAÑA "Destructive Animal Revolution"
– violent thrash metal | Mexico

CD | CURARE "Radical Acción"
– unique blend of traditional South American folklore sounds and metal/ modern hardrock | Ecuador

CD | LILITH "Monolith"
– atmospheric black/doom metal | Bolivia

Distro arrival: DIACHELL MUSIK

– cold industrial black metal | Poland
(this is a 7-track mCD version in a slipcase!)

CD | KRV / FOSCOR – The Burial's Flavours
– split of two bands hailing true black metal sound | Bosnia / Spain

03 June 2009

R.I.P. Boško Radišić

Sad and shocking news have been brought today by the Serbian news server B92 (here) and a fellow blog Audio Heaven (here) . Boško Radišić, singer with SPACE EATER, and his sister Marija died in a fire in their flat in Beograd last night.
Deepest sympathy to their family and close friends.
Boško was a talented singer of one of the most promising Serbian bands. I had the honour to interview him for our magazine a few months ago. Sadly, he is no longer with us.
SPACE EATER profile can be visited here: myspace.com/spaceeaterthrash.
Rest in Peace.

26 May 2009

Distro arrival: SMASHED FACE + CUTTERRED FLESH split 7" EP

We have 11 copies of a nice looking and sick playing vinyl split featuring death metal / grindcore CUTTERRED FLESH x the established brutal deathcore eco-terrorists SMASHED FACE, each side containing two new songs - check one by each band on their myspace profiles:
(The second track by SMASHED FACE is a HATEBREED cover, to complete the overview.)

Released by Pigeon Shit Agency in 500 copies and now also part of our catalogue, so get in touch for trades or whatever.

25 May 2009

Distro arrival: Vinyl from MONSTER NATION

LP ROOT – Daemon Vivam Invenient

vinyl version of the latest album by the cult black metal band, back to rawer and faster tunes

LP MASACRE – Total Death

dirty death metal from Colombia, this is the LP version of their 2004 album

LP Constellation of Death

compilation of Czech/Slovak death metal bands | includes: MASTER (yes, Paul Speckmann!), PANDEMIA, MORTIFILIA (an exclusive song), DESPISE, BELLIGERENCE, TORTHARRY, DEMENTOR, F.O.B.

Distro arrival: ON PAROLE (Slovenia)

CD CHAOSSTAR - "Lifetime" [2009]
- progressive heavy metal | Slovenia

CD CARIGNAN - "Masturbatorium" [2009]
- death grind | Austria

CD DICKLESS TRACY – "Halls of Sickness" [2009]
- finally an album of the respected grind maniacs | Slovenia

CD VULVATHRONE - "Bukkake" [2007]
- porno death grind, uh | Slovenia

An updated catalogue online

Please, be advised we are slowly getting back to our regular operation.

At the moment, an updated catalogue is online.
Click here, and check whether there's something interesting to shop/trade for.
(Else, the link is always on the right hand side panel.)

More news hopefully soon.

Thank you for your support.

12 May 2009

EDAIN songs/profile online!

EDAIN, the band conceived by our label's boss together with his ex-ABSURD CONFLICT and CARBON DIOXIDE teammates, finally calls to full attention. A month prior to the band's debut release, "Through Thought and Time", you can hear some of their songs through their myspace.com and bandzone.cz profile. Please, use the links below to jump over there:


For full deal of information, you're welcome to visit the official website www.edain.cz.

11 May 2009


This is actually no big news, rather, be advised there are last few items left (size M or L), and approach our partner Walk Records, as soon as you can.

24 April 2009

INFEST "Onward to Destroy" out this summer!

If you remember those days when death metal was still labeled thrash metal and keep your early MORBID ANGEL and BENEDICTION records still close to your hi-fi, you might be thrilled to learn that the devastating deathrash kommando, namely INFEST from the mighty Serbian town of Jagodina, have finished their recording of the full length called "Onward to Destroy". Featured on vocals is also their friend Aad of SINISTER, to add it a bit of a death metal celebrity touch. Co-released with Serbian Grom Records, CDs should be ready this summer. Expect mayhem.

14 March 2009


As announced and planned, the SILENT KINGDOM "Legends of an Old Grave" was released on the 1st of March 2009 and is available on golden or black vinyl with a special cover appearance.
However, due to reasons described below, we are currently unable to answer your orders/trade requests. Please, get in touch with our cooperating label Walk Records (www.walkrecords.com) or the band directly (www.silent-kingdom.co.ba).
Thank you for your support.

03 March 2009


Due to Martin's serious illness, all communication and trades will be stopped until further notice.

All our releases should be available from the bands themselves in the meantime.

Thank you for your understanding.

15 February 2009

SWORDFISH "Age of Exploration"

Unless you think thrash metal is music for 40+ years old (or if you are 40+), be advised the the fresh debut of Brno, Czech Republic based SWORDFISH entitled "Age of Exploration" is out, self-released by the band, offering 8 songs / 45 minutes of heavy thrash metal.

Check sounds out on www.myspace.com/moravianswordfish and get in touch for the CD at www.swordfish.cz or through us.

06 February 2009


In order to celebrate 10 years of existence of the sevdah metal masters, their successful third opus "Legends of an Old Grave" will be released on an LP, namely on the 1. March 2009. The release includes a special golden vinyl edition (along with a regular black one) and a special gold-printed cover.

Be advised that the manufacturing has been finished, the records are at home, and we will only make them available on the official release date, together with revealing the album artwork.

Orders can be placed with the band directly, Walk Records in Bosnia, or us, of course.

04 February 2009

Best Czech Vinyl Record 2008

The VINYL DISK MUSICK posted an annual poll for 2008's best Czech vinyl (incl. LPs, 7"s, splits & compilations) here:
Click your fave or simply review what's available around here!

24 January 2009

PARASOPHISMA & DRACO HYPNALIS reviews on Toxic Metal webzine [Serbian]

Reviews of our earlier releases appeared on Toxic Metal, a fresh metal webzine coming from Serbia.

They are written in Serbian, as you might expect.


Norwegian metal extremists KOLDBRANN will be covering "Metalni bog" from BOMBARDER's first album "Speed Kill" (originally 1989). Helping on vocals will be Amir Hadžić, SILENT KINGDOM singer.

The cover song will appear together with others on a tribute album to be released later this year, while a 7" vinyl format has been also announced.


An English written review of SILENT KINGDOM's "Legends of an Old Grave" appeared in the Ukraininian Antichrist zine ...

ANTICHRIST ZINE (Ukraine)- http://deadshop.info

*Score: 4+/5*

This is split release of two labels, one from Czech, second from Bosnia… SILENT KINGDOM come from Bosnia too, and concluding from the musicians’ photos I dare to say this is pretty old band out of there (to the fact this is third album of theirs)… Also looking to the music I see really professional and well skilled musicians, because music made in really professional way. Do you know many bands from Bosnia? I don’t… And this is hellish pleasure to know new names from such countries like Bosnia! As for music SILENT KINGDOM play Epic black metal, with huge progressive portion in its music! So to say we have original band, thx their music. Black metal means filled with Epic tunes, as well as greatly mixed with progressive elements, so you can hear some folkloric tunes here too. Music is based on various tempos, so you can be prepared for both fast and slow tunes, as well as mid-tempos. Guitar work on this album is just amazing, with all its solos and tight rhythm-section! Wait also for some instrumental compositions (like “Legends”, I was impressed by guitar work again! I mean I liked those great memorable solos while listening to this track!). So if you looking for something fresh in black metal for your collection – “Legends…” is for you!

Distro arrival: AMERICAN LINE

CD TOXODETH – Phantasms
old school death, classic demos | Mexico

CD COMBAT NOISE – After the War …
excellent brutal death + 2 clips | Cuba

CD RAPTURE – Sinister Creation
blasting death, KRISIUN style | Mexico

CD VASTATOR – Hell Only Knows
intense thrash | Chile

CD THE FORENSIC – The Becoming
traditional death metal | Mexico

2CD AZTRA – Tierra Libre + Insurgente
heavy metal w/ keyboards, traditional instruments, female vocal and political message | Ecuador

17 January 2009

2009 Pocket Calendar

This is the image on our 2009 pocket calendar; original Stuka painting by the label's own WWII aircraft fan and artist Leňuša. If you're a collector of these useless things (I mean pocket calendars, not aircrafts), feel free to ask for a copy ;-)

Distro arrival: METALSWAMP

EAGLEHEART - "Moment of Life" [2008] CD

- top class speed melody for fans of old HELLOWEEN and STRATOVARIUS | Czech

BAST - "Země vlků" [2008] CD
- classical heavy/power metal |

INFER- "Anti Human" [2008] CD
- excellent fast death black metal | Slovakia

TORMENT - "Without God’s Blessing" [2008] CD
- melodic black with medieval elements | Czech

UMBRTKA - "Páně + Uhelná pánev" [2008] 2CD
- black heavy metal with industrialized feeling | Czech


ALTAR SHADOWS - "Speckledy Falcons" [2007] CD

- pagan/folk/black metal w/ cold poetic atmosphere | Lithuania

GHAST - "May the Curse Bind" [2008] CD
- very gloomy doom/black metal, monumental yet raw | United Kingdom

16 January 2009

SINISTER's Aad on new INFEST album

Aad Kloosterwaard, singer and formerly drummer of long-standing Dutch deathheads SINISTER, will be singing on the new INFEST album. He has recorded vocals for "Screaming from Within", a track to appear on the album whose release is scheduled later this year.


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