26 May 2009

Distro arrival: SMASHED FACE + CUTTERRED FLESH split 7" EP

We have 11 copies of a nice looking and sick playing vinyl split featuring death metal / grindcore CUTTERRED FLESH x the established brutal deathcore eco-terrorists SMASHED FACE, each side containing two new songs - check one by each band on their myspace profiles:
(The second track by SMASHED FACE is a HATEBREED cover, to complete the overview.)

Released by Pigeon Shit Agency in 500 copies and now also part of our catalogue, so get in touch for trades or whatever.

25 May 2009

Distro arrival: Vinyl from MONSTER NATION

LP ROOT – Daemon Vivam Invenient

vinyl version of the latest album by the cult black metal band, back to rawer and faster tunes

LP MASACRE – Total Death

dirty death metal from Colombia, this is the LP version of their 2004 album

LP Constellation of Death

compilation of Czech/Slovak death metal bands | includes: MASTER (yes, Paul Speckmann!), PANDEMIA, MORTIFILIA (an exclusive song), DESPISE, BELLIGERENCE, TORTHARRY, DEMENTOR, F.O.B.

Distro arrival: ON PAROLE (Slovenia)

CD CHAOSSTAR - "Lifetime" [2009]
- progressive heavy metal | Slovenia

CD CARIGNAN - "Masturbatorium" [2009]
- death grind | Austria

CD DICKLESS TRACY – "Halls of Sickness" [2009]
- finally an album of the respected grind maniacs | Slovenia

CD VULVATHRONE - "Bukkake" [2007]
- porno death grind, uh | Slovenia

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At the moment, an updated catalogue is online.
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12 May 2009

EDAIN songs/profile online!

EDAIN, the band conceived by our label's boss together with his ex-ABSURD CONFLICT and CARBON DIOXIDE teammates, finally calls to full attention. A month prior to the band's debut release, "Through Thought and Time", you can hear some of their songs through their myspace.com and bandzone.cz profile. Please, use the links below to jump over there:


For full deal of information, you're welcome to visit the official website www.edain.cz.

11 May 2009


This is actually no big news, rather, be advised there are last few items left (size M or L), and approach our partner Walk Records, as soon as you can.