24 June 2010

A Tribute to DEBUSTROL to be released soon!

Although this is by no means our effort, we believe that any old school metal freak should be interested to hear that.

Some of the top Czech bands have united to pay homage to the founders of thrash metal in the Czech Republic, DEBUSTROL, who still keep it strong themselves. The tribute CD will be released by Parat Magazine, Czech Republic's only full professional extreme metal magazine, as an integral part of its upcoming, 35th issue.

Contributing are also 3 of the bands affiliated with us, namely CALES, V.A.R., and EDAIN, and listing those three alone, you can be sure, it will be an interesting variety of interpretations of the thrashing madness.

First available at Brutal Assault 2010, else beginning August, 20th by order from us or elsewhere.

CALES "KRF" LP postponed

Would you be surprised? The vinyl pressing factory is so busy manufacturing pop crap they have put our release back and it's only this week it gets to the process. Expect materialization thereof next or the following week, Sorry for the hassle, you know we do not take preorders - and this is the reason. Once available, you will be notified.
Keep it metal!