15 February 2009

SWORDFISH "Age of Exploration"

Unless you think thrash metal is music for 40+ years old (or if you are 40+), be advised the the fresh debut of Brno, Czech Republic based SWORDFISH entitled "Age of Exploration" is out, self-released by the band, offering 8 songs / 45 minutes of heavy thrash metal.

Check sounds out on www.myspace.com/moravianswordfish and get in touch for the CD at www.swordfish.cz or through us.

06 February 2009


In order to celebrate 10 years of existence of the sevdah metal masters, their successful third opus "Legends of an Old Grave" will be released on an LP, namely on the 1. March 2009. The release includes a special golden vinyl edition (along with a regular black one) and a special gold-printed cover.

Be advised that the manufacturing has been finished, the records are at home, and we will only make them available on the official release date, together with revealing the album artwork.

Orders can be placed with the band directly, Walk Records in Bosnia, or us, of course.

04 February 2009

Best Czech Vinyl Record 2008

The VINYL DISK MUSICK posted an annual poll for 2008's best Czech vinyl (incl. LPs, 7"s, splits & compilations) here:
Click your fave or simply review what's available around here!