02 November 2010

KRV "Ograma" CD available now!

CRNI JEBENI METAL, my friends! I'll skip all the usual bullshit, simply get in touch for trades and orders. It's ready!

14 October 2010

BANE "Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness" CD fresh out of the pressing plant

Serbian cold and dark blizzard BANE brings an album that can safely be titled as an answer to late DISSECTION - with both, fast and sharp riffing and murky atmosphere.

Get in touch to secure yourself a copy or fix a trade!

08 October 2010

KRV "Ograma" CD 2010 - special edition

Full featured edition of the new evil opus by Bosnian old school black metalheads KRV, expanded by 5 tracks never before released on CD and with an upgraded cover graphics, should see the darkness of the world within weeks. Keep your darkest strings tuned!

02 October 2010

Distro Arrival: ASMODEUS LP

ASMODEUS "Prosincová noc blíže neurčeného roku" LP 2010

Classic masterpiece of Czech thrash metal, eventually out on vinyl, remastered, with reworked graphics, all in freezing blue, including the vinyl and a huge poster.

This beauty is released by Magick Disk Musick.

08 September 2010

BANE - CD out soon!

We are thrilled to join leagues with other underground units on the release of the debut full-length CD of Serbian band BANE. With ex-DISDAINED, INFEST, and THE STONE members, expect death metal devastation! While detailed information is yet to be revealed, go and check a new song right at the band's profile:

20 August 2010

Thrash & Drink 2010 - Moravian Tour

with V.A.R. + EDAIN + OLD
+ a lot of drunk guests and beautiful ladies!


Two new excellent albums of pagan/folk metal from this blackened Moravian label:

BROTHERHOOD - Bratstvo Hromu

Melodic pagan metal from Slovakia
31 minutes, 7 songs, full colour 16 page booklet.


STRIBOG - U okovima vječnosti

Melodic pagan metal from Croatia
37 minutes, 7 songs, full colour 8 page booklet.


06 August 2010

INSANIA - new album on vinyl

Continuing the new tradition of having their albums released on vinyl, Czech unique hardcore hydra come with a follow-up to their all-pink packed "Rock'n'Freud" - an all- yellow packed "Kult hyeny". The puns in graphics and lyrics may be lost to those who are not familiar with Czech language and cultural environment, still, this does not make it any less interesting musical release in a great format. Brought to you by Magick Disk Musick.

05 August 2010

Something vinyl this way comes...

ROOT "The Book"
The most mystical and most majestic album by ROOT, fresh out of the vinyl pressing plant courtesy of Monsternation.

PAGANFIRE "Invoke False Metal´s Death"
Thrash metal from Phillipines, two early demos compiled on vinyl by Monsternation.

MASACRE "Total Death"
Colombian death metal the evil way. Latest album on vinyl by Monsternation.

Badass thrash and badass doom split sides on this 12" vinyl self-released by the French maniacs.

ROOT "Hell Symphony"
The picture disk from Kneel Before the Master's Throne, most probably the last available copy on earth, so make sure you offer your car in trade, and best add your girlfriend on the back seat ;-)

20 July 2010

More DEBUSTROL Tribute: Order Merch Now!

Along with the DEBUSTROL tribut CD, a limited one-time series of t-shirts, sweat shirts and girlies will be printed to pick up along with your Parat Magazine copy + CD at Brutal Assault Festival - if you are there, don't hesitate to say hello at the Parat Magazine stand and get some cool stuff, incl. the latest Zero Budget Production release, the CALES "Krf"vinyl!

18 July 2010

A Tribute to DEBUSTROL - artwork and tracklist revealed!

1. DISFIGURED CORPSE – Antikrist....

2. RADIOLOKÁTOR – Protest....

3. CALES – Údolí Hádu....

4. AVENGER – Příchod zla....

5. MASTURBACE – Vysrání smrdí....

6. INGROWING – Neuropatolog....

7. TORTHARRY – Krvavá práce....

8. FEEBLE MINDED – Právo chcípnout....

9. V.A.R. – Svět co zatočí s tebou....

10. SUN.HAS.CANCER – Sarkofág smrti....

11. EDAIN – Vyhlazení....

12. MORTIFILIA – Stanoxofobia....

13. LOCOMOTIVE – Yugoslavia....

14. BETHRAYER – Umučená....

15. ELYSIUM – Masoterian....

Expect the whole fun beginning on August 12-th through Parat Magazine, Czech Republic.

24 June 2010

A Tribute to DEBUSTROL to be released soon!

Although this is by no means our effort, we believe that any old school metal freak should be interested to hear that.

Some of the top Czech bands have united to pay homage to the founders of thrash metal in the Czech Republic, DEBUSTROL, who still keep it strong themselves. The tribute CD will be released by Parat Magazine, Czech Republic's only full professional extreme metal magazine, as an integral part of its upcoming, 35th issue.

Contributing are also 3 of the bands affiliated with us, namely CALES, V.A.R., and EDAIN, and listing those three alone, you can be sure, it will be an interesting variety of interpretations of the thrashing madness.

First available at Brutal Assault 2010, else beginning August, 20th by order from us or elsewhere.

CALES "KRF" LP postponed

Would you be surprised? The vinyl pressing factory is so busy manufacturing pop crap they have put our release back and it's only this week it gets to the process. Expect materialization thereof next or the following week, Sorry for the hassle, you know we do not take preorders - and this is the reason. Once available, you will be notified.
Keep it metal!

25 May 2010

CALES "KRF" soon out on LP!

As a joint project with the ambitious black metal label Werewolf Production, we will be releasing the LP version of a new album by CALES "KRF". Ex-ROOT's guitarist and composer Blackosh returns with an epic pagan metal masterpiece celebrating the natural ways of life of ancient Vikings and Celts, musically recalling the grand efforts of ROOT or BATHORY. The luxuriously designed LP version is now in the process of being manufactured and the official release date has been set for June 20-th, 2010.

Please, don't send any preorders. All requests and trade offers will be answered on the first come first serve basis, once the completed release is in our hands. Thank you.

In the meantime, you are advised to check the band's profile on myspace.com/calesclan for more up-to-date info and links to reviews of the current effort.

20 May 2010

29 April 2010

Blakula metal zine resurrected!

I have decided to resurrect my long forgotten zine-making effort, originally called Blakula metal zine, as of now (starting with vol. 5) altering it to The Blakula Metal Chronicles.
The first comeback issue, vol. 5, is available from May 2010, has 36 A5 pages in full colour (don't get misled, it is still a home made DIY effort, including my measly skills in graphics), and contains interviews with GRAVE, ZEMIAL, THE GROTESQUERY, FORTID, NADIMAC, PURGATORY, ORMUS, YOGTH SOTHOTH, TRAIL OF TEARS and a metal FM radio station from Mongolia called Metalium. A few reviews are included as well, of course.
I am not really meaning to sell it, so if you want a copy, you're welcome to offer anything in trade. I will also try to make out a copy to anyone featured in it, including the reviewed stuff.

Distro arrival: WEREWOLF PRODUCTION | Czech Republic

black metal, Poland

UMBRTKA – Kovový Háj CD
doomy black metal with depressive industrial atmosphere, Czech Republic

KULT OFENZIVY – Symfonie Oceli CD
raw black metal, Czech Republic

Distro arrival: PSYCHO RECORDS | Poland

HYPERIAL – Sceptical Visions
modern experimental metal, Poland

CHAOS SYNOPSIS – Kvlt ov Dementia
sadistic death thrash, Brazil

UNDERDARK – In The Name Of Chaos
death metal, Poland

INTESTINAL – Human Harvest
death metak the genuine Swedish way, Poland

BOREA – Whose Fault
two demo tape from 92/93 from the good old Polish death/thrash period

15 April 2010

Distro arrival: FATALITY "Closer to Hell" CD

Death metal the fine straightforward way, with a bit of technicality (as the KATAKLYSM cover suggests). From my region of Southern Moravia, released by Rarach Katus Records.
Check them online here: bandzone.cz/fatality.

Distro arrival: "Desert Storm of Evil" LP

This is a grandiose gatefold LP split between African and Middle Eastern bands, containing exclusive songs by HELLCHASM (Egypt], AYYUR (Tunisia], BLACKCROWNED (South Africa], REX MORTIFIER (Libya) vs. DEGGIAL (Turkey), SET (Bahrain), MEPHISOPHILUS (Saudi Arabia), EKOVE EFRITS (Iran). Released to the world by Legion of Death Records.

Distro arrival: TROLLECH "Jasmuz" LP

The fifth album of the Czech forest pagan black metal narrating a concept story has made it onto this beautifully looking vinyl, released by Werewolf Productions.

16 January 2010

Distro arrival: MORTIFILIA "My Gods Are Buried" PIC 7"EP

Southern Bohemian melodic death metal act MORTIFILIA celebrate their 10 year with a PICTURE 7". The gem contains a new unreleased hot shot track along with an excellently grasped Jimi Hendrix cover on the B side.

Published by Magick Disk Musick.

Distro arrival: SEZARBIL "Dark God"

Having served 12 years to the glory of Satan, Brno, Czech Republic based SEZARBIL are back with a new album called "Dark God". Expect fast black metal blasts along with some heavier epic mid tempo tracks with a pretty tight production from the hands of Blackosh (CALES, ROOT).

3 tracks off the new album can be heard on http://bandzone.cz/sezarbil.

The CD has been released by Murderous Productions.

04 January 2010

SILENT KINGDOM "Legends of an Old Grave" LP restock!

For a short time, we had run out of the SILENT KINGDOM vinyl LPs. Now they are back in stock, so feel free to get in touch to buy or trade. Still, you are advised to be quick, as stuff turns fast these days. You know, economic crisis, people invest in gold ... and black vinyl alike ;-)

At the same time, we use this opportunity to advise everyone that THE STONE and V.A.R. 7" EPs have been entirely sold out. Please, bother some of our trade partners, as they still may have copies. We don't.

02 January 2010

Well, ...

... just as the last year was shit, the new one won't be any fun either. But you already know that. At least, we've updated the catalogue to prove intellectual decadence is neverending.

Look here [martin.brnovjak.com/zbp/zerobudgetproductions.pdf], check out the bands, drop a line to fix a trade ... or just ignore it, we're also sometimes happy having nothing to do.

Take care, everyone!