20 August 2010

Thrash & Drink 2010 - Moravian Tour

with V.A.R. + EDAIN + OLD
+ a lot of drunk guests and beautiful ladies!


Two new excellent albums of pagan/folk metal from this blackened Moravian label:

BROTHERHOOD - Bratstvo Hromu

Melodic pagan metal from Slovakia
31 minutes, 7 songs, full colour 16 page booklet.


STRIBOG - U okovima vječnosti

Melodic pagan metal from Croatia
37 minutes, 7 songs, full colour 8 page booklet.


06 August 2010

INSANIA - new album on vinyl

Continuing the new tradition of having their albums released on vinyl, Czech unique hardcore hydra come with a follow-up to their all-pink packed "Rock'n'Freud" - an all- yellow packed "Kult hyeny". The puns in graphics and lyrics may be lost to those who are not familiar with Czech language and cultural environment, still, this does not make it any less interesting musical release in a great format. Brought to you by Magick Disk Musick.

05 August 2010

Something vinyl this way comes...

ROOT "The Book"
The most mystical and most majestic album by ROOT, fresh out of the vinyl pressing plant courtesy of Monsternation.

PAGANFIRE "Invoke False Metal´s Death"
Thrash metal from Phillipines, two early demos compiled on vinyl by Monsternation.

MASACRE "Total Death"
Colombian death metal the evil way. Latest album on vinyl by Monsternation.

Badass thrash and badass doom split sides on this 12" vinyl self-released by the French maniacs.

ROOT "Hell Symphony"
The picture disk from Kneel Before the Master's Throne, most probably the last available copy on earth, so make sure you offer your car in trade, and best add your girlfriend on the back seat ;-)