14 October 2010

BANE "Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness" CD fresh out of the pressing plant

Serbian cold and dark blizzard BANE brings an album that can safely be titled as an answer to late DISSECTION - with both, fast and sharp riffing and murky atmosphere.

Get in touch to secure yourself a copy or fix a trade!

08 October 2010

KRV "Ograma" CD 2010 - special edition

Full featured edition of the new evil opus by Bosnian old school black metalheads KRV, expanded by 5 tracks never before released on CD and with an upgraded cover graphics, should see the darkness of the world within weeks. Keep your darkest strings tuned!

02 October 2010

Distro Arrival: ASMODEUS LP

ASMODEUS "Prosincová noc blíže neurčeného roku" LP 2010

Classic masterpiece of Czech thrash metal, eventually out on vinyl, remastered, with reworked graphics, all in freezing blue, including the vinyl and a huge poster.

This beauty is released by Magick Disk Musick.