24 January 2009

PARASOPHISMA & DRACO HYPNALIS reviews on Toxic Metal webzine [Serbian]

Reviews of our earlier releases appeared on Toxic Metal, a fresh metal webzine coming from Serbia.

They are written in Serbian, as you might expect.


Norwegian metal extremists KOLDBRANN will be covering "Metalni bog" from BOMBARDER's first album "Speed Kill" (originally 1989). Helping on vocals will be Amir Hadžić, SILENT KINGDOM singer.

The cover song will appear together with others on a tribute album to be released later this year, while a 7" vinyl format has been also announced.


An English written review of SILENT KINGDOM's "Legends of an Old Grave" appeared in the Ukraininian Antichrist zine ...

ANTICHRIST ZINE (Ukraine)- http://deadshop.info

*Score: 4+/5*

This is split release of two labels, one from Czech, second from Bosnia… SILENT KINGDOM come from Bosnia too, and concluding from the musicians’ photos I dare to say this is pretty old band out of there (to the fact this is third album of theirs)… Also looking to the music I see really professional and well skilled musicians, because music made in really professional way. Do you know many bands from Bosnia? I don’t… And this is hellish pleasure to know new names from such countries like Bosnia! As for music SILENT KINGDOM play Epic black metal, with huge progressive portion in its music! So to say we have original band, thx their music. Black metal means filled with Epic tunes, as well as greatly mixed with progressive elements, so you can hear some folkloric tunes here too. Music is based on various tempos, so you can be prepared for both fast and slow tunes, as well as mid-tempos. Guitar work on this album is just amazing, with all its solos and tight rhythm-section! Wait also for some instrumental compositions (like “Legends”, I was impressed by guitar work again! I mean I liked those great memorable solos while listening to this track!). So if you looking for something fresh in black metal for your collection – “Legends…” is for you!

Distro arrival: AMERICAN LINE

CD TOXODETH – Phantasms
old school death, classic demos | Mexico

CD COMBAT NOISE – After the War …
excellent brutal death + 2 clips | Cuba

CD RAPTURE – Sinister Creation
blasting death, KRISIUN style | Mexico

CD VASTATOR – Hell Only Knows
intense thrash | Chile

CD THE FORENSIC – The Becoming
traditional death metal | Mexico

2CD AZTRA – Tierra Libre + Insurgente
heavy metal w/ keyboards, traditional instruments, female vocal and political message | Ecuador

17 January 2009

2009 Pocket Calendar

This is the image on our 2009 pocket calendar; original Stuka painting by the label's own WWII aircraft fan and artist Leňuša. If you're a collector of these useless things (I mean pocket calendars, not aircrafts), feel free to ask for a copy ;-)

Distro arrival: METALSWAMP

EAGLEHEART - "Moment of Life" [2008] CD

- top class speed melody for fans of old HELLOWEEN and STRATOVARIUS | Czech

BAST - "Země vlků" [2008] CD
- classical heavy/power metal |

INFER- "Anti Human" [2008] CD
- excellent fast death black metal | Slovakia

TORMENT - "Without God’s Blessing" [2008] CD
- melodic black with medieval elements | Czech

UMBRTKA - "Páně + Uhelná pánev" [2008] 2CD
- black heavy metal with industrialized feeling | Czech


ALTAR SHADOWS - "Speckledy Falcons" [2007] CD

- pagan/folk/black metal w/ cold poetic atmosphere | Lithuania

GHAST - "May the Curse Bind" [2008] CD
- very gloomy doom/black metal, monumental yet raw | United Kingdom

16 January 2009

SINISTER's Aad on new INFEST album

Aad Kloosterwaard, singer and formerly drummer of long-standing Dutch deathheads SINISTER, will be singing on the new INFEST album. He has recorded vocals for "Screaming from Within", a track to appear on the album whose release is scheduled later this year.


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