16 January 2010

Distro arrival: MORTIFILIA "My Gods Are Buried" PIC 7"EP

Southern Bohemian melodic death metal act MORTIFILIA celebrate their 10 year with a PICTURE 7". The gem contains a new unreleased hot shot track along with an excellently grasped Jimi Hendrix cover on the B side.

Published by Magick Disk Musick.

Distro arrival: SEZARBIL "Dark God"

Having served 12 years to the glory of Satan, Brno, Czech Republic based SEZARBIL are back with a new album called "Dark God". Expect fast black metal blasts along with some heavier epic mid tempo tracks with a pretty tight production from the hands of Blackosh (CALES, ROOT).

3 tracks off the new album can be heard on http://bandzone.cz/sezarbil.

The CD has been released by Murderous Productions.

04 January 2010

SILENT KINGDOM "Legends of an Old Grave" LP restock!

For a short time, we had run out of the SILENT KINGDOM vinyl LPs. Now they are back in stock, so feel free to get in touch to buy or trade. Still, you are advised to be quick, as stuff turns fast these days. You know, economic crisis, people invest in gold ... and black vinyl alike ;-)

At the same time, we use this opportunity to advise everyone that THE STONE and V.A.R. 7" EPs have been entirely sold out. Please, bother some of our trade partners, as they still may have copies. We don't.

02 January 2010

Well, ...

... just as the last year was shit, the new one won't be any fun either. But you already know that. At least, we've updated the catalogue to prove intellectual decadence is neverending.

Look here [martin.brnovjak.com/zbp/zerobudgetproductions.pdf], check out the bands, drop a line to fix a trade ... or just ignore it, we're also sometimes happy having nothing to do.

Take care, everyone!