22 November 2011

SILENT KINGDOM's Amir at radiosarajevo.ba

The Aebyss official press release:

We're inviting you to listen to our exclusive radio interview with Amir Hadzic, founder of SILENT KINGDOM, composer, guitarist and vocalist, 29th of November 2011 in our The Aebyss Radio Show!

The band is preparing the release party of their upcoming album "Path To Oblivion" which will be held at the AG Club in Sarajevo on December the 3rd. We will talk about the new album, the upcoming gig and of course about the guest musicians on the record, whose names you can find below.

MOREAN (Dark Fortress) - vocals on "Drown Them Back To Sleep"
PAVEL JARABEK (Edain) - guitar solo on "Drown Them Back To Sleep"
PETR BLACKIE HOSEK (Cales, ex-ROOT) - composed and recorded "The Knell"
EMIR SARACEVIC (HellRide, Snake Eater) - back vocals on "Path To Oblivion"

As always, if you have any questions of your own, post them here. The interview will be LIVE!