27 October 2009

Distro arrival: PUNISHMENT 18

CD LUNARSEA "Route Code Selector"
- death metal Swedish way, second album | Italy

CD CORAM LETHE "A Splendid Chaos"
- superb melodic death metal | Italy

CD EXENCE "Hystrionic"
- debut album of death metal band | Italy

- devastating death thrash metal | Italy

CD KADAVAR "Kadavar"
- debut album of death metal band | Italy

CD URTO "Upside down"
- thrash metal | Italy

CD EDEMA "Default"
- talented psycho jazz death-core metal band | Italy

CD ALKOHOLIZER "Drunk or Dead"
- very good speed/thrash metal | Italy

- masters of Italian death/grind | Italy

Distro arrival: ON PAROLE

CD ERUPTION “Lifeless Paradise” 2009
- thrash metal to the bone | Slovenia

CD VULVATHRONE “Passion of Perversity” 2009
- second perversion by the always horny porn grinders | Slovenia

CD INFIDIA “Reflections” 2009
- female fronted melodic metal with symphonic touches | Slovenia

23 October 2009

Distro arrival: PROPAGANDA 666

More Satanic black metal from this mighty Ukrainian label:

CD ASKE "Saatan Legio/Goatfuck" 2009
- Satanic black metal, 2 old demos | Finland

MCD GROMM "Pilgrimage amidst the Catacombs of Negativism" 2009
- new material, evil heavy misanthropic black metal | Ukraine

CD LUCIFUGUM "Acme Adeptum" 2008, beautiful digi packaging
- unique and poisonous Satanic black metal | Ukraine

CD LUCIFUGUM "Sectane Satani" 2007
- fast Satanic black metal | Ukraine

Distro arrival: FEEBLE MINDED "Pernicious Intergrowth"

The long awaited album by the Czech top class death grind band FEEBLE MINDED has a title "Pernicious Intergrowth" and has just been released on CD by Grodhaisn Productions.

Details along with playable songs can be found here:

Of course, we have a few copies avilable as well.

ABSURD CONFLICT videos from the 2000-2005 period on Youtube

A selection from the private collection of videotapes has been recently put online on Youtube to remind of the years passed. The following now can be watched:

A show at rainy Silesia Open Air festival in 2002, without bass player Milan, who had fallen ill shortly before the date (Vlastík Ščudla - vocals, Patrik Ščudla - guitar, Jan Pulec - guitar, Jiří Staněk - drums):

ABSURD CONFLICT "Hope and Despair" - Silesia Open Air 2000

One of the last shows in the original line-up (Vlastík Ščudla - vocals, Patrik Ščudla - guitar, Jan Pulec - guitar, Milan Prudký - bass, Jiří Staněk - drums):

ABSURD CONFLICT "Sentenced to Life", Brno 2.3.2002

Footage shot during the 2003 tour with NEGLECTED FIELDS (Martin Brňovják - vocals, František Komínek - guitar, Jan Pulec - guitar, Milan Prudký - bass, Jiří Staněk - drums):

ABSURD CONFLICT "Point of Crisis", Třinec 13.4.2003

The same line-up performing at Brutal Assault festival 2003:

ABSURD CONFLICT "Across the Wasteland" - Brutal Assault 2003

ABSURD CONFLICT "Heroism" - Brutal Assault 2003

The first concert with Martin Král on guitar (Martin Brňovják - vocals, Martin Král - guitar, Jan Pulec - guitar, Milan Prudký - bass, Jiří Staněk - drums):

ABSURD CONFLICT "A Tragedy Concept", Brno 30.10.2003

ABSURD CONFLICT "Daddy's Love", Brno 30.10.2003

And a year later at a local party:

ABSURD CONFLICT "Till the End", Rozseč nad Kunštátem 6.11.2004

Finally, an excerpt (unfortunately the sound quality is very low) from the show with DESASTER, DELIRIUM and THE STONE in Beograd, Serbia, in 2005:

ABSURD CONFLICT - "Heroism", Beograd 26.3.2005

20 October 2009

Distro arrival: NECROMANCER RECORDS (Vinyl!)

Necromancer Records from Germany is a vinyl only label with a great taste in bad ass black and thrash metal. We got some beautiful seven inches:

PIC 7”EP TORMENTRESS “Thrashing Disorder”
- an all female thrash metal band | Singapore

7”EP SATANIC PROPHETS “Nihilistica Milica Demoniaca”

- raw brutal black metal | Brazil

7”EP ENSHADOWED / VULTURINE “The Epitome of Neverending Evil”

- satanic black metal split | Brazil + Greece

7”EP DEFUNTOS “Os Suplicios de uma Triste Lembranca”

- funeral black metal | Portugal


As you can figure out from the record label's name, this is a load of thrash metal aggression from Greece:

CD CRUCIFIER "Cursed Cross"
- thrash metal the classic way by the top class band | Greece

CD FAITHREAT "Back to the Pit"
- crossover thrash metal | Greece

MCD RELEASED ANGER "Violent Instincts"
- Euro thrash meets Bay Area way | Greece

and a piece of vinyl as well:

7”EP BY WAR / CRUCIFIER "Two Shots of Thrash Metal"
- thrash metal, what else | Brazil + Greece