29 April 2010

Blakula metal zine resurrected!

I have decided to resurrect my long forgotten zine-making effort, originally called Blakula metal zine, as of now (starting with vol. 5) altering it to The Blakula Metal Chronicles.
The first comeback issue, vol. 5, is available from May 2010, has 36 A5 pages in full colour (don't get misled, it is still a home made DIY effort, including my measly skills in graphics), and contains interviews with GRAVE, ZEMIAL, THE GROTESQUERY, FORTID, NADIMAC, PURGATORY, ORMUS, YOGTH SOTHOTH, TRAIL OF TEARS and a metal FM radio station from Mongolia called Metalium. A few reviews are included as well, of course.
I am not really meaning to sell it, so if you want a copy, you're welcome to offer anything in trade. I will also try to make out a copy to anyone featured in it, including the reviewed stuff.